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Get Your Child Tax Credit

Get the benefits you are eligible for.

It’s not too late — if you haven’t yet filed your tax return, you still have time to get thousands of dollars in tax benefits.

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Option A

File a simple tax return to claim your Child Tax Credit and stimulus money — in as little as 15 minutes

This option is a good choice for people with lower incomes who want a quick and easy way to claim the Child Tax Credit and stimulus payments.

  • Only available if you aren’t required to file a 2021 tax return (usually, earning less than $12,500 single or $25,000 married)
  • File for the Child Tax Credit and the 2021 stimulus payments (but not the other thousands of dollars you might be eligible for)
  • Fast and easy to fill out
  • Online
  • English and Español

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Option B

File a full tax return to receive your maximum refund

This option is a good choice for people who want to find out if they’re eligible for thousands of dollars in additional tax credits.

  • Available for any income level
  • Federal and state taxes
  • Will take longer than Option A, may require your W-2 (if you have one)
  • Full service or DIY, online or in-person
  • English, Español, and more

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